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Shoe Obsession | Spring & Summer Favorites


Next to diamonds shoes are a girls best friend (Men take note). Having a shoe obsession is a part of my DNA. My momma has closestssss full of shoes, Grandmas has a room full and my Aunt has a HOUSE full – so when it comes to shoes they totally understand me.

I have a couple of favorites that I wear throughout the spring and summer months that are pretty versatile, pocket friendly and as you already know…. comfortable.

Tory Burch Miller Sandal’s

These are by far my favorite “flops” for the summer. They are classy and comfortable (duh!) They were a birthday present! I think that the logo allows for them to be comfortable, but if you are going to be in the sun be prepared to have the logo tan mark on your foot (yes even black people tan). I highly suggest going in and trying them on before you purchase them. I felt that my regular size was too small, my heel was hanging off but the sales lady did inform me that over time the shoe will stretch as you wear them and they have a small amount. (I did go up a 1/2 size)

Steve Madden Ankle Strap Sandals

There are so many different designers that sells this style of shoes (shown in the feature picture) so you won’t loose all your coins on them. So far the ones that I have are very comfortable and you can do some long distant walking,  or even dancing in them. I think the chunky heel is what initially attracted me to them.


Okay I know this title is real general but I have a few pair of wedges that are constant rotation and have came from various stores. During the Spring and Summer months I love a good wedge to wear out on a date night or even to work. You can’t go wrong with them, trust me!

There are many shoes that are new to the “collection” that I haven’t worn that much to give a good review or even promote – BUT  stay tuned because I’ll be doing plenty more #OOTD and I’ll try to give a review there.


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Oh Happy Day!


For the past couple months I’ve heard more people tell me that I look happy. I always thought that I was somewhat of a happy person, but I have made adjustments in my life. If you are human then you know there are going to be times when you don’t want to smile or even be happy, when you want to curl up in a ball and cry our eyes out – but sometimes most of the time you can’t – put your big girl panties on and keep it moving.

The first adjustment I made was to be GRATEFUL for everything I had, what I was going through and what was to come. Studies have shown that being grateful helps you live a long happier life, but my faith plays an even bigger part in being grateful. I serve a might powerful and awesome God that provides all my needs and desires – according to his timeline – not mine. And he also gives me clarity on all situations so I know he’s handling them and I shouldn’t worry about them.


“In their heart humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” – Proverbs 16:9 


With being grateful I also had to SACRIFICE somethings to get what I ultimately wanted accomplished. There have been several sleepless nights and days I went on thinking about what I wanted to do or could be doing. But I knew that doing what I needed to do in that moment would be beneficial in the long run.

There were stressful days, lord knows I’ve had stressful days. To deal with the stress I had to BREATHE. I know it’s something we do, but I mean really stop and take deep breaths with my eyes closed and a relax  face to soothe and calm myself. I would do this several times, until I feel myself calming down.

I think the most important and my favorite thing to do is LAUGHSometimes laughing at myself (most of the time) or at silly videos of my nieces and nephews or people I don’t even know. Laughing and smiling signals our brains that happiness is happening. You can’t go through  life always being so serious you have to laugh at something.

I feel like I am getting to a place of balance and harmony between school, work, family and blog life. You don’t have to be going through anything to make adjustment to your life, you can just do it to be doing it. These have been the few things that have helped me over the last few months and I hope they can help you as well.


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Wedding Season – Guest Dress Options


Wedding season is here and it came fast and furious. If you are like me and have friends and family that are at that point in life where they are taking the next step then you will be invited to numerous bridal showers, engagement dinners, etc. I always have an issue with figuring out what to wear to them – I’ll end up texting or calling a couple people just to get an idea of what they are wearing.

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Home | Spring Cleaning


Spring is here which means it is time to get the duster out, declutter the house and buy all the hydrangeas.

When I say declutter, I don’t mean move it from one location to another – it’s when you actually go through it and decide if it is essential, if it can be donated or sold. I have a hard time with this especially with clothes because I’ll say to myself “oh I can wear that later – if i loose weight” but not this go round.

I consider myself a clean person (I use to have a routine of cleaning on Thursdays after work before Grey’s came on) anyway, but when spring time rolls around I want to have everything fresh and clean.  These are a few things that I do around the house to get ready for spring and these are also some of my cleaning habits that I have.

All Over:

  • Clean and wipe down baseboards
  • Wipe down blinds
  • Wipe down and dust lighting and ceiling fans
  • Throw out junk mail and stacks of unneeded papers
  • Vacuum furniture


  • Deep clean microwave, oven and dishwasher
  • Deep clean inside of the fridge and throw away unused / old items
  • Clean out and organize pantry (cabinets)


  • Rotate / flip mattresses
  • Wash all bedding and duvets
    • Typically change out bedding colors for the spring/summer months
  • Go through closet and create donate / throw away piles of unused clothing
    • Organize what I’m keeping by color
  • Dust everything


  • Clean out makeup and medicine cabinets (throw away responsibly)
    • Deep clean brushes and wipe out containers
  • Wash all bathmats or get new ones
  • Deep clean shower and tub
  • Clean out drains and faucets
    • Baking soda, vinegar and hot water — best thing ever to clean drains
  • Deep clean grout

I’m not super woman so all of the cleaning won’t happen all in one day it typically happens over the span of two days – because I do get side tracked easily (gift and a curse).

Once I’ve cleaned everything I like to light candles or put in new plug ins and fresh flowers (hydrangeas)  to brighten the place up.


Tre Chic

Spring Wishlist | Prt. 2

March 20th is the official first day Spring – but if you’ve looked at the cars around South Carolina you will think that it’s here already. I know I’ve already talked about some of the things that I want to get for the Spring/Summer months. But I’ve been eyeing more stuff – come on I’m a girl who loves to shop. I found a couple more things to add to my spring wish list.

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Life Lately

March 1st – I still can’t believe that today is March 1st. Time doesn’t stand still for anyone or anything.

Lately I’ve been in this funky mood where nothing seemed to be the same – I didn’t have motivation to do anything except sulk in my own pitty. I knew better than this, I know that it won’t get me anywhere.  When my best friend (Ashley) mentioned doing something for her birthday – it was like the sun peaking through the clouds. I thought about all the fun times and laughs that we’ve shared over our lifetime (she’s my cousin so we’ve got a lot of memories) and it made perfect sense for us to head to HOT Lanta (Atlanta) for the night to enjoy ourselves.

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