Beautiful Morning…


I consider myself a morning person …. after 6 alarms go off. I’m a planner by habit so I already know in my mind what I have to do that day. I say I’m a planner, but I’m the worst at preparing things before hand, such as laying out my clothes the night before.
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Kicks of Choice | Edition 1

If you’ve ever been in my house or follow me on social media you will know that Chaz has an unbelievable collection of sneakers, mostly Jordans. When we first started dating I owned one pair of sneakers — one and he clowned me for years about it. Now (thanks to him) I own at least 10 pairs of sneakers. Now I’m always looking at sneakers and asking him about them. It has gotten so bad that every pair that I get my mom wants to know all about it, eventually I’ll walk in the house and see her wearing the exact same shoes that I have.

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Hair Weave Killa | Shampoo & Conditoner

#FlashbackFriday  – Good Hair Days

Everyone that knows me knows that I love a good weave. (Weave is an option, not necessity – don’t get it twisted)  I’ve been through a couple of hair stylist here locally trying to find the right one that can not only do a good sewin but also help maintain my natural hair – that’s another blog post in itself.

I’ve been natural for about 2 years now. I mostly wear Sewins with a closure and recently got into braids. Both are great protective styles that give my hair a break from all the heat.

You want to make sure that you wash your weave every 2-3 weeks. I think  (I’m not a professional nor do I claim to be) but I think that one of the most important thing you can do for your weave and that is to treat it like it’s your own hair. I had a couple people tell me about Silicon Mix was a great shampoo for weave and also your natural hair (if you choose to leave some of your natural hair out), but no one mentioned how good the conditioner is.

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Sephora Recent Purchases

During the holidays I had a full face custom makeover at Sephora. During the process, the consultant tried new products on me some were added to my makeup bag and others were left at the store. So today I want to share some of the products that I walked away (purchased) – not all the products shown in the pictures were purchased during this makeover.

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Smart Eats || Shrimp Salsa

I found this recipe while on the hunt for a Mexican street corn dip – weird right I know. Once I read through the ingredients I thought it was pretty simple and would be a good fit for a tailgate party we were attending. It takes about 10 minutes to make and it pleasing to anyone – whether they on a healthy journey or not.

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Travel | New Years Eve in Greenville 

I’ve lived in South Carolina all my life, but I have never been to Greenville before, neither has Chaz. When one of our good friends moved to Greenville, we knew that we HAD to go for a weekend and see what it was all about. They were having people over for New Year’s so we made a weekend trip out of it.

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New Year, New Goals | Spirtually

The final thing that I’m working on for 2017 is expanding my faith. Growing up I went to church every other Sunday, summer revivals, church meetings, programs – whatever the church was having I was at, due to the fact that my mom was church secretary for 30+ years. The sad part is that I know the bible but I don’t know it the way that I should know it – for someone that was at church as often as I was.

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