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Daniel Fast : Week 1

Everyone (including me) begins their new year’s resolution of getting fit the first of the year. This year I decided to join my friend Kourt in doing the Daniel Fast. One goal for me this year is discipline, so I figured that it would work best to do it with a friend, especially one that I spent a lot of time with.

To begin this fast I needed to do some research as to what it is exactly.

The Daniel Fast or Daniel Diet is based upon the prophet Daniel’s dietary and spiritual experiences as recorded in the Book of Daniel in the Bible. It’s a partial fast that focuses very heavily on vegetables and other healthy whole foods, but leaves out any animal sources of protein. Many users of this biblically-based fasting method follow it for 21 consecutive days.

After doing the necessary research, I started going through pinterest boards to find meals and snacks that would keep my taste buds alert and that were healthy. We started at Soda City Market picking up some fresh vegetables and even a green drink from a local mobile juice bar. The next stop was Trader Joe’s.

At Trader Joe’s we specifically looked for things that were Vegan and we also read the labels to make sure that there weren’t any sugars hidden in them. Somethings were a hit and some were major misses. When it comes to vegetables, they should be fresh. You can definitely do frozen fruits and vegetables, but stay away from canned vegetables.

I decided that I would still eat seafood and eggs – I just can’t go without any meat.

Meal prepping is a major part of this – I didn’t get to meal prep like I wanted to on Sunday so I was scrambling the first three days trying to make sure I had enough food to eat and also if I had the right stuff to eat.

I had already stop drinking coffee on the 1st, just because I like to have coffee with my creamer, but I hadn’t completely gave up caffeine so I continued to drink my black tea (which has caffeine in it) so I wasn’t completely kicking caffeine like you are expected to do while doing the fast – you are suppose to drink only water!

When you think of changing your eating habits (or “going on a diet”), you always think about how hungry you’re inevitably going to get because there are so many things you can’t eat. The first two days I could never get full, but by day 4 I was finally feeling full after I ate a meal or even satisfied after eating a snack. Planning head of time also helps so that you aren’t hungry all the time.

Conclusion from week 1:

  • Meal/snack prepping is MAJOR, but you will feel like you spend all your free time prepping and in my case loading/unloading the dishwasher. I was in the kitchen about 45 mins to an hour every night. Arguably, this is the most essential part of the fast.
  • Eating out is pretty limited, which is good on my wallet (although buying healthy food can be expensive).
  • My GI system was stable and regular!!
  • My devotional time, became a necessary priority during this first week. I love the fact that my devotionals have been directed towards my body and what God’s purpose is for it.

Because this first week was a test, the next couple week I will be sure to share with you some foods I ate.


2019 Goals

Welcome 2 0 1 9!

Time does  not stand still for anyone – trust me  I know! I’m excited to see what 2019 has in store for me. Mid ways through 2018 I started living and enjoying it. I was laughing and smiling more, it was almost like I exhaled everything that was holding me down (negative energy).  While enjoying life, I felt some of the goals that I wanted to achieved fell off. I was pretty disappointed, but not to much because I think I needed the moments that were happening.

I break my goals down into three specific areas – mentally, spiritually and Physically – the areas that I feel that covers everything. 

 I don’t want to be one of those people that wakes up one day and completely regrets not being the person I want to be or at least not try to be the best version of myself.  So here is what I want to concentrate on this year, in these particular areas. 

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 I’ll be the first to admit, I get side tracked easily – so I have to be discipline in everything that I do. When I say everything I mean everything! I want to continue on the positive path that I have been on – that includes saying no, when it doesn’t feel right, casting negative people and situations out of my life. Self care is very impactful on your mental health – so taking more time to get massages, go to yoga classes – do whatever make me feel good. 


 I have some much needed vacations coming up throughout the year so I want to be able to live my best life on vacation and also prep for the future. I do know that I want to start working with a financial advisor,  while I already have a lot of financial plans in  place, it will be helpful to have someone looking over everything and guide me in the right direction so I can eventually retire.  I want to be  excited and optimistic for the future, financially.


Continuing to grow in my faith is a constant. Waking up in a positive head space starts for me by doing my morning devotionals and praying before I even start my day. I will admit I have fallen off a time or two – so again discipline in this will continue.


I have tried a few workouts, but again have not been consistent.  Essentially I want to find a workout that I can do anywhere and it is less than 30 minutes at least 3-4 times a week. I want to create an eating plan that I can stick to, without giving up my favorite things. 

So what are some of the goals that you guys want to achieve in 2019. 


Blog Anniversary

Forevershauni is 2 years old (officially 4 years – the first two were test years) and I can’t thank everyone enough for your support over the years, but I’m proud of myself for staying true to who I am and not conforming to what “society” feels a blogger should be about.  

Today  I’m celebrating the small accomplishment of blogging . Don’t let some of these bloggers fool you, there are days when you will feel overwhelmed and could careless about pulling out a laptop out and editing a post or doing whatever. I’m fully aware that you have to have a healthy balance of everything that you have going on in your life. 

I began blogging to inspire + connect with women around the world, like myself in a way that I had not seen before. Plus, I know that I am not be the only going through the things that I go through. It has been difficult juggling a blooming professional career, education  + having a personal life but through it all it has been rewarding. I pray for continuous growth of this blog. 

I will admit it to anyone that is about to start the journey – it can be tiring, it can be stressful, but I am grateful, bless + happy with all the things on my plate at the moment and I can even say that I am excited about the possible extra’s that will get added. 

For those that are just starting the journey with me, Thank you I hope I can be an inspiration or motivator to you. For those that have been following from day one, Thank you – your support does not unnoticed and I greatly appreciate it. 

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Top 4 Lipsticks for Fall 2018

Happy First day of Fall!!! Yayyyya!  Now if the weather would just get on the same page. If you know me, then you’ll know that fall is my favorite season – for various reasons (not pumpkin spice anything) that will be highlighted over the season, but to start it off I’ve already got the essential lipsticks for the fall. Nothing screams fall for me like a nice burgundy or brown lip.

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It’s My Birthday |3 Lessons I’ve Learned in the Past Year


Everyday is a new learning experience for us all. I especially like to reflect on my birthday..which is TODAY! I still can’t believe that I am 32 years old – where has time gone?!? In the past year I’ve learned a couple lessons (some the hard way), that are helping me become a better version of myself.

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No Stress with Neutrogena Hydro Boost

Working full time with new responsibilities, family events, maintaining my healthy routine, a social life and move into a new place, can create an unbelievable amount of stress. So stressful that it can cause you to forget about taking care of yourself, even down the essential things that you need to do.

Thank goodness Neutrogena came to the rescue with their Hyrdo boost products. These products helped me in the aspects of taking care of my face ranging from cleansing lotions to make-up and even hydrating serums that work like a charm.

Continue reading to find out exactly what products help me get through the stressful days.

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Life Lately “Bae Where you at?”

Shot-73Disclaimer: This post is not a relationship post – so sorry no tea here!  The revolution will not be televised.

The past few weeks have been a little all over the place – but I’ve been enjoying every minute of it.

As you know I have a 9-5 in HR — I recently got more responsibilities added to my plate (promotion), which I am very happy about – because I’ve prayed for this. Most of my work days I’m stuck at my desk going through my list of things to do. When I come home I’m dog tired and I don’t even want to look at the computer so it’s been difficult to get blog post together.

Even though I’m not rolling out blog post – I do take notes in my phone when I’m waiting or in the few spare moments that I do get.

When I’m not working I’m enjoying my summer to the fullest – from late night dinner dates with the girls, to hanging around the house to even doing an adult thing and joining a book club! I can honestly say that the group of friends I have around me right now are absolutely amazing! They keep me grounded, cheer me up and support me like I’ve never knew to be true. You guys can thank them for the title of this blog — hilarious inside joke!

I moved and I had been preparing myself mentally for this new place. I want to make sure that everything is in order (as much as I can control) and this place is reflective of me and where I’m at in my life. The décor shopping process was just that a process – so be prepared for me to share some of things that I found out along my journey.

As for things to come, I have so much hope for the future – new opportunities, new partnerships and growing through it all.

For my tried and true followers – I’m still here! I have a few things coming up and hope that you surely enjoy it, if not be sure that you give me your feedback.

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