Full Coverage = No More Dark Under Eye Circles

For a while now I’ve been having these amazingly unattractive dark circles under my eyes. I have discoloration along my cheeks, mostly dark spots from my teenage year of picking at pimples and doing all the wrong things to my face, but that’s a whole different story.

Earlier this year in  Miami I was desperately looking for something that would help me with my under eye dark circles. The beauty consultant at Sephora suggested two products for me Bobbi Brown Corrector (in Peach)  and Smashbox High Definition Concealer (in Dark).  Both are very lightweight and does the job that they are suppose to do. But I found that I got even better under eye coverage from using Benefits Boi-ing Industrial – Strength full coverage concealer in 05 Deep. The boi-ing is an industrial strength concealer that doesn’t crease or fade.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 6.28.35 PM

Sorry for the used products — but this shows that I really do use them on a daily basis

For even more coverage I let the Corrector and the Boi-ing concealer sit for about 10 minutes (typically in the mornings I go and prep my morning tea) while I wait for it to set it. After it’s set for 10 or more minutes (depending on how fast I’m moving) I put my Smashbox Foundation on. Once again depending on how fast I’m moving and what  I have going on that day I’ll do more eyebrows, bottom lashes (liner), but if it’s just a typical day I do my lashes and to finish I use my Smashbox Halo Hyrdating Perfecting Powder to get full FULLLL coverage.

This process gives me the most coverage and it makes me feel better about the dark spots that I’m working to get rid of, but until then I’ll fake until I make it.

If you have the same problems that I have, I hope this helps.


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