Home Decor Inspiration | Khole + Kourtney Kardashian Home Photos

Home Decor has always been something I’ve been interested in, from the time I worked in upscale home decor store in San Diego. I was interested and inspired that I would  go to open house showings on Sundays just to see how others decorate their home. Following a few house of driving around to open houses I would come back home to clean, rearrange furniture, online shop for new stuff. The passion for home decor hasn’t left — just check my pinterest page. My current thing is Country chic with modern twist. To get the full details you’ll have to check out my pinterest page.

So when  I saw my timeline flooded with photos from Kourtney & Khole’s home in the Architectural Digest, I was over the moon. So here are few of my favorite photo’s that have inspired me for our current place and even idea for a place we’ll purchase in the future. If I had their budget I’d probably have the exact same bathroom they have, but since I don’t I can dream and “ball” on a budget.


Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 7.41.47 PM

Bathrooms…a girls favorite place…at least my favorite place. For my guy readers, a women looks at two things when purchasing a place — kitchen and bathroom.  Both Kourtney and Khole’s bathrooms are amazing, but something about Kourtney’s stood out to me. I’ve always had this thing for tubs that are stand alone. Something about them seem so relaxing and vintage chic and the icing on the cake would be it being in front of window — so peaceful. The shelves on the left and the right with the towels perfectly folded gives me the idea that I’m at luxury resort/hotel. Similar bookshelves have caught my attention. Seeing these just gave me confirmation that my upcoming home decor purchase are on point. Although they won’t be used in the bathroom.
  Khole’s moroccan themed courtyard is beautiful. Can you imagine hanging out with your girls by the fire laughing and talking while you sip your favorite wine?
Khole’s movie room looks so comfy and perfect either romantic night in with your hunny or a girls night in.
    I think I’m pretty organized, but Khole’s pantry took the word organized to a whole new level.


This closet is PERFECT!!!! I don’t have to say anything else, just look at it.

Hope you enjoy seeing some of my favorite picture and the different things that inspire me.

(all photo’s are from Architectural Digest)


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