Mario Badescu | Cleanser & Toner

A couple months ago I did the Mario Badescu skin analysis and received the sample products. My determination  was that it was too time-consuming and that I didn’t necessarily need all of the products. In a recent browsing session at Ulta I ended up in the skin care area. Just looking around and I found three new products that I hope will help my battle with dark spots and dark circles. I’ve only been using them for about a week now, but my skin is very smooth to the touch and it is definitely not time-consuming. I already wash my face twice a day and a couple days out the week I already do face mask.

Initial Thoughts (on all three products)

  • none of the products leave your face feeling dry or even looking dry
  • my face is smooth to the touch – even after one day
  • no noticeable smells to it – there is a hint of a fresh
  • removes makeup very well

Link to products:  Enzyme Cleansing Gel  | Alpha Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion

Stay tuned for more reviews on this product.


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