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Welcome Back | New Year, New Goals


It’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to write a blog post. Starting a new position, with a new company can be very overwhelming because you want to make a good impression and also to prove to this new company that they made the right decision by going with you. Two months after starting the new job, my last year of school starts. It’s an amazing feeling but also very time consuming, endless papers and burning the candle at both ends. Throw in a little travel and quality time with family and friends and you have a full schedule.

“Sometimes the mental hurdle is greater than they physical hurdle.”

My thoughts also played a very big part in my absence from blogging. I kept thinking about what if I failed, what if people judged me because my blog was not up to par like others, what if, what if, what if – all played over and over and over again. Then one day it stopped and all I could think about was you got this, keep walking by faith. God didn’t place this passion in your heart for no reason.

I knew back in August (August 28th to be exact – 2 days after turning 30) that January 1st 2017 would be the year that I went all in with Forevershauni. Blogging is not as glamorous as some may make it look like. It takes a lot of time, thought, dedication and hours of perfecting just how you wan to come across to your audience.

I started this journey to give a platform for women like myself. The woman that goes through trial and errors ranging from career, to personal life, to fashion to everything in between. The one that doesn’t necessarily know where or who to turn to.

2017 ( and years to come) is going to be a very exciting year for me and I want to be able to have an outlet and take you along on this journey with me.

Yes it’s a NEW YEAR and everyone is making goals and resolutions for themselves. But as  for me my personal goals for the new year, I want the same thing every year – to grow mentally, physically and spiritually. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for.

Over the next few weeks, I will be explaining a little more about my goals for the year and some of my post will be around my success and failures with them.

I hope you enjoy 2017 with me.


Cardigan – Old Navy | Tank Top – Target | Jeans – Loft | Shoes – Target


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