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New Year, New Goals | Growing Mentally

“Today’s a good day, to have a good day.”

One of my goals is to be transparent about the things that are going on in my life and what I want to achieve in life.

One of my goals for 2017 and one that I have had every year for the past few years is to Grow Mentally. Some may be wondering what I mean when I say grow mentally.  I want to expand the way I think about situations and have a more positive outlook on life. I have to admit I am a complete worrier. I worry about everything that is happening to me and anything that possibly could happen to me. It has gotten worse over the past two years.

I want to able to have a positive outlook and not think of the negative aspects first.  I tend to have a lot of things going on at once and I feel that they all important so I loose site of the big picture.

So below are a few brainstorming ideas I have for me to grow mentally:

  • Put the phone down – My phone is always near me (glued to my hand). Again a negative thought plays a part in me always keeping my phone nearby, plus I’m nosey as hell (blames grandma for that).  So to solve this I’m going to turn my phone on silent throughout the day and leave it in my purse instead on the desk. When I’m at home, leave it in another room where I’m not at. I’m going to do a slight “unplug”, just to focus on other things that I have going on.
  • Stop! Think and Proceed – This is mostly leaning towards work stuff. Soon as I get an email I feel that I need to open it and handle it. I need to leave it there (unless it’s urgent), think about it and the proceed. Thinking about it could take a couple minutes or even after I’ve completed the task that I’m working on. This can also be applied to my home life as well.
  • Start your day on a Positive Note – We often talk about the bad things that are happening in our lives, rather than the good things. I saw on a recent episode of Fixer Upper, Joanna put an amazing quote to live by “today’s a good day, to have a  good day.” I feel that when you think about all the positive things that are going on in your life that you have no time to focus on the negative. You may not put a quote in your living room or by the door as you walk out but you can write all your positive thoughts on sticky and place them on your mirror (along with all those inspirational quotes) or even in your work space, to keep that positivity going throughout the day.
  • Time Management! Time Management! – I can honestly say that I am not the typical girl that always runs late. I’m the one that is there 30-45 mins early. But when it comes to doing something that I don’t necessarily want to do I push it off as long as I can and then when it comes down to it being due I get frustrated and overwhelmed. So I need to continue to work on my time management. Doing a little at a time doesn’t hurt and it actually makes the task go by faster.
  • Just Smile!- Contrary to what some may say I am a very a happy go lucky person, always uplifting someone, giving them kind words. Smiling can turn your mood or even your situation around in an instance. Some may look at you crazy but you will feel the joy of doing this.

None of this won’t happen overnight and it will be a continuous thing that I work on. You have to be open to wanting to change your life so that you will get all that it has to offer. I’m not professional, but these are some things that I’ve read up on and I feel that would help me on this journey of mine.


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