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New Year, New Goals | Physically

screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-9-26-11-pm99.9 percent of American’s have a goal of wanting to lose weight in the new year.  For me it’s an everyday goal for me.

Weight hasn’t always been a big issue for me.  I’ve always felt like I was the girl that had the big boobs and the “big girl” of the group. It especially became an issue about 4 years ago when I listened to a friend and tried some weight loss pills. After about two weeks on the pills, I lost about 13 pounds, but I felt like I was on speed and my mind was going about 100,000 miles per hour. I stop taking them and the 13lbs and then some came right back. (NOTE: NEVER TAKE DIET PILLS. PERIOD)

This year I’m not saying that I’m going to lose 20 lbs and become a vegan — WRONG! I want to be able to lose a couple pounds, a few inches here and there, but most importantly get a better understanding what physical activities that I enjoy (where it doesn’t feel like I’m working out). My form when doing various workouts are horrible, so I want to get them better so I can get the most out of my workouts.

Another thing that I really desperately need to work on is my healthy eating. I’m such a foodie and I love food that has a lot of flavors and is plated beautifully. When it comes to trying new healthy foods, I’ll avoid it like a plague. I want to be able to experiment and substitute something unhealthy for something healthy.

So my goals to grow physically is to

  • Learn what physical activities I enjoy
  • Get better form while doing various workouts
  • Substitute unhealthy foods for healthy foods.

So as you can see, these goals aren’t too out there. They are pretty simple. I feel that if I can stick with it then I will be onto something for years to come. Please share with me some of your favorite activities that you do.


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