New Year, New Goals | Spirtually

The final thing that I’m working on for 2017 is expanding my faith. Growing up I went to church every other Sunday, summer revivals, church meetings, programs – whatever the church was having I was at, due to the fact that my mom was church secretary for 30+ years. The sad part is that I know the bible but I don’t know it the way that I should know it – for someone that was at church as often as I was.

I’ve always said my prayers at night, before meals and in the morning. In late 2014, early 2015 I was going through a lot with my career and jobs. I felt I had nowhere to turn or anyone to talk to so we started going to a local church and the sermoscreen-shot-2016-12-17-at-6-17-20-pmn spoke to me. It was like they were directed towards me and no one else, so I directed my focus and my strength to my faith helping me get through the hard times. I prayed before and after any interview, meeting, conversation whatever – I  prayed. I also started doing morning devotions and found an inner peace that stayed with throughout the day. Over the past few year’s I’ve read more bible/faith inspirational books, listen to sermons and also learned more abut the bible.

In 2017 I want to be able to participate in bible studies where I continue to learn more about the bible and how to apply certain scriptures to my life and situations. I want to learn to say a prayer over my situation and let it go and not worry about it anymore. I just want to be even more knowledgeable about my faith.

If anyone has any suggestions of I can grow in these specific areas, please share with me.


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