Travel | New Years Eve in Greenville 

I’ve lived in South Carolina all my life, but I have never been to Greenville before, neither has Chaz. When one of our good friends moved to Greenville, we knew that we HAD to go for a weekend and see what it was all about. They were having people over for New Year’s so we made a weekend trip out of it.

img_0504We got in town pretty early because we wanted to go Downtown and play tourist. The first stop was Falls Park on the Reedy. This place was breathtaking, the backdrop is beautiful for outdoor events or just easing your mind. I think the most amazing thing was that the Liberty Bridge – 345 feet long bridge is supported by suspension cords with a view below is this gorgeous waterfall – you can see for yourself how beautiful it is.

We continued our journey down to a local coffee shop, there is a wide variety of coffee shops to choose from, but we went to Coffee Underground a very cute and New York style coffee shop. They have stage area in the basement for improv theater – I’m sure that would be so much fun to experience. We ended up getting a couple White Russians and appetizers to get us through the hungry hump that we all were going through.

When in Greenville you want to make sure you look down every so oftenimg_1088, there are quotes throughout that are very inspirational and fitting.

You can’t go out on an adventure without enjoying some good food – I mean who does that?!?!   The first place we went was Roost. The decor inside is very chic and modern – you get an Asian Fusion vibe.  All of the ingredients are found domestically and are in season. You don’t have to worry about fructose corn sweeteners and they know where all their livestock comes from, so no suspicious meat. We all decided to go with appetizers or small meals because we didn’t want to over do it. We all enjoyed our food and our drinks so we highly recommend it.


Saturday Chaz and I were able to spend some alone time and dea5465306-4617-4dd5-8c4c-057ca59f55fccided to try a Tupelo Honey Cafe. It was about 4 different doors we had to pass to finally get to the entrance. Once we got inside and got seated we were greeted by our waitress who suggested the Hot Chocolate for me – since it was freezing and windy outside.  It was just what I needed to warm me up and get me prepared for the day.

While waiting for our food we were able to sample their yummy, warm buttermilk biscuits with their house blueberry jam that was really really good! It was just preparing for the yummy Fried Green Tomatoes BLT with a side of corn slaw – the two paired together – PERFECT! I was eyeing Chaz’s Shrimp and Grits – but resisted temptation to sample his. I will say that if I lived in Greenville – I would come back again and again.

Overall, our experience in Greenville was great. I would definitely go back and spend more time site seeing and tasting other delicious foods. We will be back in Greenville (soon).


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