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National Best Friend Day – The Real MVPs


I was always envious of people that have friends they’ve known for years and they shared life experiences with.  I finally feel like I have that group of friends. You don’t come in contact with too many people that are genuine, fun to be around and support you in all your dreams. This post is dedicated to my  AMAZING  support system.

I think about how all our futures will be together, living out our lifelong dreams or doing what makes us happy in life. Raising our kids together, summer trips, holiday gathers, etc. I just love the friends that I have – some I’ve known for 20 years and some that I’ve only known for few years. I don’t even think of them as friends anymore – that’s family, my brothers and sisters, their kids are my nieces and nephews.

When starting my blog journey again – they were the ones that I went to ask them what they thought about certain logos, or what poses I should do for my first photo session. They gave their honest opinions and I appreciate them so much for that. In the words of our dear friend Big P – “Photos for the Future Generation YES SUH  #Suckerfree”

I use to give Chaz grief about how he called everyone aunt and uncle that were his parent’s friends, but now it all makes sense to me. They are just extended family. So this post is to all my brothers and sisters – I love you guys and I truly cherish and honor our friends.




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