Photo Diary – Edt. 1

Sharing photos that have been in phone for a while.


Kat Von D Eye Liner + Color Pop LAX

Had the pleasure of spending time with these lovely ladies celebrating the last few weeks of our girl Chelsea being a bachelorette.

Purse: Target | Shoes: Steve Madden [Target has a version also] | Midi Cardigan: Amazon

Something about “wine” color just speaks to me and it has been my go to color this Fall/Winter.


Latte that I had at News Cafe on Ocean Drive. It was not to far from our place and I hadn’t had a coffee all day and I was in desperate need of it – especially if I wanted to enjoy my night and not be sleepy.


A snapshot of the current book I’m reading! This passage spoke to me – Law of Attraction!


Rushing to work knowing that the day is going to the LOOONNNNGGG so grab the protein box and your favorite drink. These come in handy and so convenient. HIGHLY Recommend it!



I like a natural brow so when my last brown pencil died, I thought i would try the Benefits Brow Pomade. You can’t help but see it soon as you walk in Ulta.


One of my go to “healthy” snacks! It’s so easy to make especially when you are craving something sweet. Be sure to check back in a couple days to see how easy it really is.


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