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March 1st – I still can’t believe that today is March 1st. Time doesn’t stand still for anyone or anything.

Lately I’ve been in this funky mood where nothing seemed to be the same – I didn’t have motivation to do anything except sulk in my own pitty. I knew better than this, I know that it won’t get me anywhere.  When my best friend (Ashley) mentioned doing something for her birthday – it was like the sun peaking through the clouds. I thought about all the fun times and laughs that we’ve shared over our lifetime (she’s my cousin so we’ve got a lot of memories) and it made perfect sense for us to head to HOT Lanta (Atlanta) for the night to enjoy ourselves.

The car ride down was pretty fun – singing at the top of our lungs, Ashley snapping the WHOLLLEEE (queen of selfies and snap chat) way, telling stories about everything! Once we got to our hotel we noticed two bottles of wine and two trays of food on the table and we looked at each other like ummm — did you get this? Room service must have brought it to the wrong room so we enjoyed some snacks and glasses of wine before getting dressed for the night.


Neither one of us prepared for it to be as cold as it was that night so I had to make an impromptu to outfit with what I had in my luggage. It did the job because it came out really cute and different, but I still froze my butt off in the line. The line seemed like it lasted hours but probably was only 15 minutes.


Once inside the club we danced, snapped some videos and made jokes about people – all while singing our hearts out (I’m surprised we didn’t loose our voices). Waking up Sunday with the sun blazing on my slightly hungover face, it was like my funky mood had been removed and I was getting back to myself.

We enjoyed lunch at California Pizza Kitchen – one of my favorites from San Diego. I love spending time with Ashley because our conversation is natural and she knows me inside and out – just like I know her.

We finally hit the road back home and we both have come to the conclusion that we need to this more often.

I have to Thank her and a few of my other friends for being there for me during the past few weeks, they’ve given some of the best advice, listen to me cry and never judged me for anything. I love you ladies to the moon and back!!!

So life has had it’s trying moments, but I’m thankful for friends and family that are an amazing support system.

March is going to be pretty good and filled with excitement for me. Plus I’m giving up cursing for lent – I can say cuss words with the best of them and it is definitely not lady like – so y’all pray for me.

“Let us all dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair…” – Susan  Polis Schultz




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