Tre Chic

Wedding Season – Guest Dress Options


Wedding season is here and it came fast and furious. If you are like me and have friends and family that are at that point in life where they are taking the next step then you will be invited to numerous bridal showers, engagement dinners, etc. I always have an issue with figuring out what to wear to them – I’ll end up texting or calling a couple people just to get an idea of what they are wearing.

The dress I’m wearing is from Forever21. I purchased it to wear when I went to Miami but ended up not wearing it, then I was going to wear it to a bridal shower that I had to miss so I ended up wearing to a birthday dinner. I paired it was some chunky heeled sandals from Aldo. I purchased these back in August for my birthday and ended up not wearing them until now.


Again, y’all know that I’m all about comfort – I found a couple dresses that are comfortable and won’t break your budget.

The options I’ve listed below are versatile so you can wear them to a wedding event and then turn around and wear it to work or another function. Most can be found at Charlotte Russ, Old Navy, Loft, Forever 21, Target, Fashion Nova and Asos.




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