My Day | Played Hookie

Working a 9-5, being a full time student, blogger, spending time with family and friends can wear anyone out. So I decided that I needed a break to just do whatever I wanted to. I read somewhere that playing hookie was good for the soul. If you are going to play hookie make sure you are doing exactly what Y O U  want to do and how you want do it. This was my train of thought the day I decided I needed to play hookie.

Instead of going out for breakfast, I decided to make myself some breakfast. It wasn’t anything special. Belgium Waffle (from Trader Joe’s), Eggs and some Turkey sausages. It’s rare that I have time to cook breakfast for myself so sometimes, I’ll do it for dinner, but since I had the time – why not. During breakfast, I caught up on my new favorite show (which I’m sad is ending after only one season) Shots Fired.

On a hookie day, you want to comfortable – so I went for just that in my Hello Beautiful t-shirt  (I love the 90’s – like for real) and some yoga pants – you know you can’t go wrong with  a comfy tee and some yoga pants and some big hoops!

The first stop of the day was to the nail salon – Gervais Street Nail Salon. One of the hardest decisions a woman has when going to get her nails done it is the color that she picks. I tend to go for neutrals for both my toes and fingers, but today  on my toes I felt like going a little Cajun Shrimp.


After a much needed pedi and fill-in it was time to head to lunch with my favorite girl and FINALLLY meeting the newest addition to the “Auntie Wandie” crew. It has been a couple months maybe a few years since Charlotte and I hung out and lately we’ve been talking like everyday, so I knew that we needed to get together a catch up session in and finally meet her little princess Sadie Elizabeth. We decided to dine at The Gourmet shop in Five Points. The Gourmet Shop is your go to spot especially if you are hosting an event and needing to grab some appetizers, looking for a great bottle of wine and also to grab some amazing chicken salad on a toasted croissant roll – yum! But this time I opted for the Brie and Bacon Croissant roll with a side of Tomato, Feta and Basil Pasta – amazing!  We had much needed girl time and great conversations about any and everything.

(Great minds think alike – with the Tory Burch Miller Sandals)

After lunch I popped over to a couple of my favorite shops in Five Points that I never seem to make it to – The Oops! Company and Copper Penny. This go around I didn’t find anything – but they are both great places to shop any event that you may have coming up.


Next up was Pout – if you are an avid reader of the blog then you will know that I adore Pout. I love going in because it always makes me feel luxurious and as if I’m not in Columbia anymore. They are the ONLY place in Columbia that carries the Cinema Secrets Brush cleaner which is one of the only products that I’ve been able to find that cleans my brushes just the way that I like them to be cleaned. I also went in looking to try a different foundation – nothing wrong with the foundation that I use, I just want to have some versatility in my collection because I talk about Smashbox sooo much.

I love that they the consultant working with you gives recommendations and they do not pressure you into buying anything. I literally could have stayed in here all day and just talked make up and got my hair done also, but it was time to move on to the next place.

Just a short distance away is Trenholm Plaza – to Loft and Anthropology, my main two places on this trip but I also popped into a couple of the other stores in the plaza. It has been a while since I’ve been in the area to stop and take in everything. I love the fact that they have seating s throughout that allows for the guys to have a place to rest and a place if you and your friends need a place to stop and catch your breath.  There are also tons of great restaurants in the plaza. I will admit I’ve eaten at all of them and they are all amazing!

Loft is my go to place for jeans and work attire. I haven’t been actually shopping in a long time so I wanted to try and find some pieces that I could wear to work and also wear out somewhere. I found these pieces and deiced to give them a try. To see what I actually purchased you’ll just have to stay tuned.


The final stop on this hookie day express was to Trader Joes. Once upon a time I lived literally 4 minutes from Trader Joes I would pop in on the regular to grabs a bottle of wine, some flowers and some essentials. Now it’s rare that I get to come, so I knew I needed to get some flowers to go throughout the house and also the Mandarin Chicken that is great and super easy to make, I might add.

By the time I was done with Trader Joes it was beyond hot and I was due for a nap. I headed home, unloaded the car and caught up on some more of my favorite shows that I don’t always get to watch.

Being that it was a day of playing hookie – I sure wasn’t about to cook anything. At least twice a month I order from Wing Zone. Definitely not on my “diet” but the Sweet Samari Wings and Corn Fritters are just to good to turn down – and you know I had them delivered because I wasn’t moving from the couch – unless I was going in the bedroom to watch more tv.

To wine down this hookie day I decided to take a bath – not a bubble bath but an Epson salt bath. I found this cute single use pack of Dr. Teal Epson salt at Target and thought that it would be perfect to use to relax after working out or me having a stressful day. This was just what the doctor ordered for a relaxing day. After this bath the only logical thing to do was to head straight to bed for a good nights rest.

This day was much needed because life comes fast and everyone needs a day away doing whatever they want to do to get themselves together so they won’t burn themselves out. If you are in the Columbia area and looking to play hookie – I highly recommend all the places that I’ve listed.


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