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Quick and Easy Brunch ft. IT Works Go Greens

There is no other way to catch up with your girls than over brunch. I LOOOVVEE a good brunch date! This brunch was a little different because we decided to stay in and try out hand a making some quick and easy brunch favorites.

Sticking with the theme of keeping it simple, we decided to do some foods that didn’t take too much time, but they were also a healthy option – mini chicken and waffles, egg frittatas, fresh fruit and croissants (for show).

Egg Frittatas have been all the rage on pinetrest for years – they are pretty easy to make at home, but even easier to purchase the Jimmy Dean ones from the grocery and pop in the oven. They are actually really good and taste as if you made them yourself.

For the mini chicken and waffles we opted for an organic syrup.

We both are working our way to a healthier lifestyle so we decided to try and be a little healthier and skip out on the Champs + Oj (Mimosas)  — I know brunch isn’t brunch without Mimosas, but when you have a goal to reach you will find another way to satisfy your craving. So we had San Pellegrino Sparkling Water + Pomegranate Juice and I incorporated my It Works Greens in mine. I was able to get my bubbles and also get my greens in.

This was only day 2 of using the It Works Go Green. I have followed a IT Works rep on IG for a long time and saw that she was loosing weight and once she finally told her secret – I reached out and asked all the questions that have been looming in my head. I finally took a leap of faith and signed up for it.

I vowed never to use any other dietary supplement, but I spoke with my primary care physician about it and she deemed it as being safe due to the fact that majority of the ingredients are natural and the dosage was the correct amount a person needs. I didn’t plan on letting anyone know that I was doing this, but I do want to be as transparent as possible with my followers and if something that works for me, it’s a possibility it can work for you as well – so stay tuned for full reviews and details.

To be honest this was enough to fill me up and keep me satisfied while we got all caught up on our new favorite show (Queen of the South) and enjoy the company of the sweetest little diva there is.


Brunch does NOT have to be expensive for it to be enjoyable – it can be right in your living room and you can have the same experience that you would out somewhere.

What’s on your brunch menu?


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