Phone Snap Roundup


Heading out of town for the weekend so I made sure that my Greens were with me!

It’s rare that my best friend and I get together without her kids – so when we get the chance we definitely enjoy ourselves with some good food, good drinks and great laughs.


Recently saw where ColaTownFoodie posted about Hampton place deli and I had to go get a Crabwich with ranch feta for lunch. I miss the good ol days of working downtown and being able to walk there for lunch.

Ended Chapter 335 (moved out) and into a new cozy place and after making my bed it hit me that this is the beginning – no looking back now. I was pretty excited to use this bedding because my mom gave it to me and it matched the walls perfect.


While moving and going through stuff I found tons of old pictures – I’ll spare some of my friends the memories. If you are in these pictures please don’t kill me. These are definitely some #TBT – the good ol days when we were carefree.

Took my mom and cousin to Soda City and to Drip to get them out for a while. They really enjoyed themselves and we even ran into my Sadie girl – coolin and relaxing to the max!


Sprinkle of Jesus always gets to me (and puts me in my place from time to time) and make me lift my hands in praise – this one stuck with me and is a reminder of who is in control. As I’m writing this post I have to keep saying it to myself – scressful day!


Fun times with the family at the park and the bestie wanted to see how the portrait feature on the iPhone Plus worked. SC weather was not playing any games because my natural hair was sooooo poofy.


When your sister from another mister invites you over for dinner with the family and some much needed girl talk you crack open a nice bottle of wine and enjoy every minute of it.



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