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Time Management with Plum Paper

I’ve been running around like a lost puppy with a planner for the last couple of weeks. I do use my work calendar and even my iCal but it is not the same as writing things down. For me it almost makes it stand out more in my mind. So when my planner recently ended it was a no brainier that I needed a new one – not just any old planner but one that helped manage everything from my 9-5 to my blog and everything else that comes up.

I’ve heard and read several people talk about Erin Condren planners and how great they are – I wasn’t impressed. I did some research and found Plum Paper.

These are some things that my Plum Paper planner has helped me achieve and also some great tips on time management.


Write down a list and go over it. Analyze what is important to you and what can be done later.  It helped me determine what is a priority. Everyone’s priorities are different, so never compare your priorities to others.  What works for me might not work for you.

I love writing a list with my goals and a to-do list that needs to get done each day because I tend to forget things here and there.

Like it or not, we as humans are limited in how many things we can pay close attention to at once. You can’t have ten priorities; if you did, the word “priority” would lose its meaning.

With the Plum Paper layout you can include additional note space in the back and there is also space to write down your monthly goals as well as enough space to write out your daily to-do list.

This plum paper planner has allowed me to have a dedicated space to write down blog ideas, especially when I’m on the go.

Plan ahead and give yourself some breathing time 

I started building an extra 10 minutes built into my mornings because you never know what could happen as you are driving to work or even around the house. No day is going to be perfect. If you do get a perfectly timed day enjoy it and remember it will never happen again.

Set Aside Time for Yourself 

No amount of organization and time management will keep you going when a string of bad days come along. Scheduling in that time for yourself will help you feel less guilty taking that time for yourself.


When you order your planner you have to keep that in mind because it takes 8-12 days for it to be shipped – they are making sure it is EXACTLY what you want. The great thing about this planner is that it can be customized to fit whatever lifestyle you may have.

Plum Paper has been gracious enough to offer my great and supportive followers 10% off the planner that you customize yourself by using the code FOREVER10.  I hope you enjoy your planner as much as I enjoy mine!


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