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Wish I would Have Known…

statehouse shoot (2 of 65)With my 31st birthday being T O D A Y – still hard to believe that I’m in my 30’s,  but none the less I’m loving every minute of it. I take everyday as a learning experience, never take a day for granted. I think of all the lesson’s that I’ve learned this far, that I wish I would have known at 25 or even younger.

If I would have known these things, I wonder how different my life would be right now. Since we can’t look into the future, nor go back – let me share a few things that may help a 25 year old woman or even a 31 year old that is still coming into her own.


You do not have to explain your train of thought, the reasons that you do things because you are your own person and you are secure with the decisions that you are making. Live by your rules.

Meaningful Friendships.

Everyone isn’t going to be your friend. Having a healthy relationship with people that  genuinely care about you are great to have, they will be the ones that lift you up when you are at your weakest moments and the ones to share in the excitement that comes your way.

Wardrobe Basics.

The world is right – you should dress for the job that you want. Every woman should have the basics so she can be prepared for whatever may come up. That black pencil skirt, the crisp white button up, the black heels, that are just the perfect heel height, that body hugging black dress, the perfect jeans – all these are essentials that you need for whatever life brings your way.


Experiment and find something that you love. Just know that everything you do isn’t going to come easy – there will be home runs and strike outs. This hobby is going to be the escape you need when life comes at you fast and unexpectedly.


If you don’t love yourself then who will? Love yourself for who you are because of the unique qualities and characteristics that you have for the world to see. You are you – be happy about that.

Mom’s Best Friend.

Growing up you think your mom doesn’t know anything and she doesn’t want you to have a life of your own. As you are rolling your eyes listen a little to what she is saying, because you never know when her words or wisdom will come in handy. Cherish your relationship with your mom, because you only get one. 

You’re not ready to settle down, live your life.

Don’t think that because you reach a certain age that you have to settle for whatever you have going on in that moment nor because the people around you are doing it. Take chances, make mistakes. You get one life and you have to live it the way that God has intended you to live it. Once you have found what you are looking for – hold onto it and don’t let it go – that’s not settling, that’s falling in love (doesn’t necessarily mean a person it can be an object, career, whatever).


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