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Basic Accessories Must Haves

I’m not really a big accessory person – I wear the same watch, bracelet, ring and earrings to work everyday. On occasions where I do want to dress up an outfit I will find some dainty accessories that last over time and are also fitting for me and my style. I choose dainty accessories, because sometimes you can get a little carried away and take away from the outfit.

statehouse shoot (50 of 65)

A couple months ago I was watching youtube and saw one of the The Glam Twinz was wearing various necklaces, but one stuck out to me. They were nice enough to list where they got the pieces from so I went and tried to order it and my luck they were out of stock. Fast forward to a couple months ago riding in the car with a friend and I get a notification that it’s back in stock – it was a no brainier that I needed this.

The chain is very delicate and looks great paired with a gold choker that I already had. I do appreciate the fact that Child of Wild sent instruction on how to care for the piece as well.

Depending on what necklace I am wearing will help determine what earrings that I’ll wear. You don’t want to over do it, so I suggest keeping it simple. I have two ear piercing so I always wear my smaller studs in my top hole. Lately, I’ve been into wear these light weight hoops (bigger the hoop, bigger the…jk)  from [ HERE ] Aldo. You know how annoying it can be to hold your phone to your ear with big hoops in — not with these, they lay flat so you can talk away.

statehouse shoot (65 of 65)

Y’all already know how I feel about shoes – so of course shoes are always a great accessory to give that plain outfit a little spice or even a pop of color. These that are shown above are old (5 years to be exact) and I couldn’t find the link but these (CLICK HERE)  are equally cute and will give any outfit a pop of color. I’m a fan of shoes, so I don’t mind spending a little extra on some that I really want (need)!

statehouse shoot (29 of 65)My watch is not the typical big face watch that everyone is wearing – I’ve had this watch for a few years and because I’ve started mixing and matching my golds and silvers this just seemed to work out better. Plus my big face MK watch is too big (weight loss – yasss!)

I’ve gotten into wearing a thumb ring and because I can’t keep up with them – I found some inexpensive ones at Old Navy so if I lost one I wouldn’t be too upset.

These two dainty bracelets are from Fabrik  they are great to wear to work or to play.

I’ve also been wearing these cute women empowerment/inspirational bangles that I got from Aldo.
statehouse shoot (60 of 65)

Another accessory for me is your purse –  I’ve been overly obsessed with this Louis Vuitton Toiletry bag for a couple years – finally got my hands on one and any chance I get to go out – I’m coordinating my outfit around this bag. It doesn’t have to be an expensive purse/clutch trust me I have a few from places you would never even think to look. If you have a simple outfit a purse/clutch with a pop of color will and can take it to another level.


statehouse shoot (11 of 65).jpg

The final accessory that seals any outfit is your smile. When you are smiling you stand out and look amazing. Smiling is the cheapest, but the most important and greatest accessory a person can wear.

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. –Phyllis Diller





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