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Why Alone Time is a Good Idea

We all lead crazy busy lives and it can be hard to get the necessary downtime that we desperately need.  We all just need to be to ourselves – no distractions, just you relaxing with a glass of wine and your favorite shows. Studies have shown that alone time, can increase productivity. Trust me, after a weekend to myself – Monday morning I wake up refreshed and ready to take on Monday. We all have moments where we need to have alone time. Here are a few reasons why alone time is a good idea.


It is a major key to have some alone time just to recharge and rest and get back to your normal self. We all probably require different amounts of alone time to recharge, but for me a weekend not leaving the house usually does the trick to reset – I’m a bit of an introvert so a weekend maybe a little much for some people.


Long hours at the office only to head home to do a laundry list of things to do around the can stress anyone out, even the most positive person. Having a little time to yourself is something that you can look forward to. Taking a quick walk around the neighborhood can help ease your mind and also get your steps in – win, win.


This means doing whatever you want to do without taking anyone else into consideration. When I say do you – that can be whatever you want – shopping, eating a nice dinner, going to the bookstore or just driving around.

Spending time alone is just as important as spending time with family and friends. When you set time aside for yourself it actually brings peace to everyone in the house.

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