Resume Updating 101

e086d716da110dd738069ca5cb8c754dSo you’ve decided that you are ready to change positions/careers/companies.  I’m sure you’ve taken the time to weigh your options by making a list of what you like about your current position and what you don’t – find out about doing this HERE.

Your resume is one thing that this potential company has to judge you on so you want to make sure you leave an impression on them.  Click below to see what are three major areas that you should focus on.


Give your resume a make over. If you haven’t used your resume in 4, 5 or even 6 years it’s time to give it a face lift. Take the time to explore various styles, color palettes and even visual themes that fit you, but still professional. Simple style elements can be more effective, fancy elements can confuses some HR professionals.

Summary Revision 

After a while you should know what your strengths and weakness are, so that means removing the whitty, generic summary that you had when you were probably looking for an entry level position. You want to state your ambitions and expectations clearly, as well as what you have to offer. Your summary should be your elevator pitch – you should be selling your self to this company.


Your degrees and qualification will stay the same, but if you received any national accredited certifications you want to add those. If you still have your high school information you can remove that as well as GPA. I’d advise not to include training courses on your resume.

Work History

Obviously you should add your current position information and most important task that you were responsible for. If you had any major accomplish, reached any numerical accomplishment should be listed (this stands out to recruiters).  You should scale down your old positions and list essential task you did. I wouldn’t advise removing any positions that you may feel doesn’t have any relevance, because the question of gaps in positions will come into question. I would also advise to keep 5 years worth of working information your resume.

If being creative with words and formatting aren’t your forte then there are professionals that create resumes for people everyday.  Two years ago I did not have the time and was overthinking the whole process of creating a resume so I went to B. Carter Solutions for assistance on my resume. I knew that I want to have an amazing resume and wanted it to be branded and represent all the things that I am capable of accomplishing. Turn around time is great and I also received positive feedback on how the layout and wording was on my resume. Before hiring someone to create/assist you with your resume, I would look at their work and their reviews to make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck.

Although I listed only four areas you should focus on there are tons of other factors that you should take into consideration, so I suggest doing research before go through with creating a new resume.

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