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Sassy Black Dress x2 | Tre’ Chic

Today, I’m highlighting this midi dress that I found a couple months ago at Forever21. With South Carolina weather being all over the place, I want to show you a few different ways you can wear this midi black dress or any black dress.  You can never go wrong with a midi black dress or black dress period.

This the most versatile, inexpensive (under $25.00), comfortable, a classic dress I have in my closet.  Plus, it’s my favorite color…black!

ShawandaVista (45 of 217)ShawandaVista (32 of 217)

This first look is paired with this cute pink crop top that I found on a whim at Target (similar). When I found this top I walked by it and thought naw that’s not me, but then I thought about how versatile it was. I can wear it with some high waisted jeans, over a dress (as seen here). It was confirmation that this was a cute top when Jaiden took her top off and put it on and told me to take care of the top ansimilard save it for her when she’s older. LOL! The kid has taste already! As for the shoes I wore some pumps (similar) that I’ve had for years from Express. This whole outfit was super comfortable. This would be great for a date night, networking events, or dinner with your girls.

ShawandaVista (25 of 217)

ShawandaVista (97 of 217).jpg

The second look was paired with this inexpensive vegan leather jacket that I got for Christmas from my mom (good taste right), this cute clutch from Target (similar)and my new favorite booties from JusFab (HERE). My favorite part of this outfit is the booties I’ve always wanted some like these but was hesitant about purchasing them because I didn’t know how I would wear them and if they would even look right one. But when I saw them on  JustFab, I knew for $39.99 I could not pass them up.  They made such an impression, the bestie got a pair of her own! I really love how edgy this outfit is – which a walk on the wild side for me.

ShawandaVista (133 of 217)

ShawandaVista (91 of 217)

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