Healthier Lifestyle: Self Love.

Living a healthier lifestyle has been a goal of mine for the last few years. By no means has it been an easy task. Of course I want to live a long energetic life…my great grandma is 97 years old, so I’m praying that the good genes that my grandma, mom and dad have is within me – but I do know that I have to put in the required work. There are several different aspects of living a healthier lifestyle. Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to break down the different areas I’m focusing on.

Continue the reading the first area that is required in this healthier lifestyle journey.

Self love is the most important thing to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you follow me on Instagram (idk why you aren’t) then you will know that I’m all about some self love. Self love isn’t just a hashtag but it’s basically having regard for your own happiness and well-being. Practicing self love can be hard, especially when you are making changes or how you look at yourself.

Practicing self love is very important and one thing that I like to take nice long hot, full of bubble baths with candles all around maybe even some music or a meditation playing in the background. This allows me to relax, especially after stressful days. If I don’t have time for a bath, then I can do a hot shower – I highly recommend the Dove Exfoliating Body Polish  or the Dove Body Wash Micella Water. Afterwards, grab your favorite face mask throw that on, then grab the moisturizer and lather it up.


I recently started reading and getting into affirmations and attempting to meditate. Affirmations are the most effective when you recite them often. I always wanted to have them posted all around my room and bathroom like on Being Mary Jane, but I’ve stuck with having my monitor or desk covered with sticky notes for the longest, since this is where I spend 90% of my time – I feel like they help me in moments when I’m about to freak out or just need a little more motivation. These affirmations can range from telling yourself your worthy of love to your ability to succeed. I’ve only done mediation twice, so the jury is still out, but for the most part I felt really relaxed and calm throughout the morning.

After you’ve done all that relaxing it is perfectly okay to take a nice long nap or go to bed early – sleep is essential in taking care of yourself.  I’m not a napper, unless I’ve been traveling or I’m sick. I do try to go to bed at 10ish every night, some nights it works and others not so much. Having a set schedule means that you can get better quality of sleep and have more energy throughout the day.

Self love is not about being self-absorbed, conceited or whatever label you want to put on it – it’s getting to know yourself, your body, what makes you happy and taking care of you.

If you need more suggestions and tips this post is another great source.

i forgot how to love myself most days. but i keep trying. i keep trying & that alone is a victory. – Alison Malee

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