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Today is going to be one of those warm days when you just know that spring is right around the corner, I can feel it – I just need winter to take it’s final bow and exit gracefully. With the season change comes fun new trends, some  that I love having fun with.  Here I’m wearing two big trends for the upcoming Spring season- heeled mules and culottes. Continue reading to find out why they I’m loving these culottes.

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Culottes are great alternative to your typical dress pants. They are as comfortable, and they go along really well with almost anything; but they are more stylish.

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Here I’m wearing my Fashion Nova culottes with another one of plain white t-shirts from Target and my vegan leather jacket thrown around my shoulders, just for the occasions when a restaurant or the wind gets a little too much for me. Wearing mules can dress up any outfit and I love it!  More details on the mules to come, but you can get these I’m wearing from Target. And nothing says Spring more than a good pair of crop pants or culottes!

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I love these striped nylon culottes because you can dress them up or down depending on what you have going on. I purchased these from Fashion Nova, but I’ve seen them in various prints and also matter, so keep your out for more in future posts. You can’t so wrong these simple, but chic pants for the spring and summer months.

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4 thoughts on “Sail Away Stripe Culottes | Tre’ Chic

  1. Yes love your outfit! I love Culottes they’re so pretty and comfortable. I hope the weather stays nice so I can wear the many that I own haha! Great post and you look amazing in all of the pictures x



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