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Phone Snap Roundup

The past couple of months have flown by and have been nothing less than amazing – granted every now and then there are little hickups that occur. Check out some photos from the last three months – some you’ve seen if you follow me on instagram. 

April 2018

The beginning  the month of April I went to Atlanta to visit my friend Becky, of course we ate good! I think we sampled a little of everything at Pig and the Pearl. Easter was pretty chill this year, church with Mom and then Ashley and the kiddies came over. It was finally getting warm enough!  I’ve gotten into meditation the last couple of months and it has really helped me center myself  – ending my day with mediation allows me to sleep better and also start the next day in a better headspace.


May 2018

May was the best month for me so far. Celebrating friends and family’s accomplishments always makes me happy. My friend Dr. Jen Doyle and my baby cousin both graduated (from the best school ever – University of South Carolina) the same weekend of Mother’s day so it was pretty busy and exciting. I also reconnected with our old friend Brandon who I hadn’t seen in years. Memorial day weekend was pretty fun as well – my sister was in town from Georgia, so I finally got to meet my baby niece  – who is just as sassy as she wants to be. Even though it was a lot of fun going on – my step dad wasn’t to far from my mind. We went to visit him and place a flag on his grave.


June 2018 

The fun from May rolled right on into June. From Saturday mornings at Soda city to lunches on Main street even pool days. Throughout it all I was enjoying it with friends and family – which made it even better. These are the moments that I live for!


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