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No Stress with Neutrogena Hydro Boost

Working full time with new responsibilities, family events, maintaining my healthy routine, a social life and move into a new place, can create an unbelievable amount of stress. So stressful that it can cause you to forget about taking care of yourself, even down the essential things that you need to do.

Thank goodness Neutrogena came to the rescue with their Hyrdo boost products. These products helped me in the aspects of taking care of my face ranging from cleansing lotions to make-up and even hydrating serums that work like a charm.

Continue reading to find out exactly what products help me get through the stressful days.

Sometimes makeup can be stubborn to come off, running around in the South Carolina heat can cause you to sweat and also our body produces oils which can lead to breakouts. The last thing I needed during the stressful period of time was a breakout, due to the lack of attention of I was giving my skin, so having the Hydro-Boost Gentle Cleansing Lotion. It was refreshing to know that not only was this product cleaning my face but also moisturizing. My face felt refreshed and clean (most importantly).

I’m all about maintaining my skin, especially my face I thoroughly clean my face with the Hydro-boost gentle cleansing lotion and then apply the Hydro-Boost Hydrating Serum to my face and neck. The serum provides a level of hydration that I’ve never had (felt) before. My face was silky smooth with a glow that allowed me to go without wearing makeup and for those days that I did wear makeup the serum was light enough that I could apply makeup over it. After using it for a week I noticed that my under eye dark circles were not as noticeable.

I’m all about having lushes, lengthy lashes so the Hydro-Boost Plumping Mascara came in very handy to accomplish the look that I wanted. The plumping mascara replenished my dry, brittle lashes so they look healthier and fuller. The Vitamin E and Keratin provide protection for my lashes to continuously look longer and fuller. I especially pleased with the fact that like typical mascara it doesn’t smudge or flake after a couple of hours.
Just thinking about how much I had on my plate and all the things that I forgot to do – having these Hydro Boosting products part of my routine made things a little easier. Even if you aren’t stressed, but you need a boost in your routine then these are the products for you and you they are all reasonably priced.

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