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Top 4 Lipsticks for Fall 2018

Happy First day of Fall!!! Yayyyya!  Now if the weather would just get on the same page. If you know me, then you’ll know that fall is my favorite season – for various reasons (not pumpkin spice anything) that will be highlighted over the season, but to start it off I’ve already got the essential lipsticks for the fall. Nothing screams fall for me like a nice burgundy or brown lip.

Continue reading to see my fall lipstick line up.

1. Smashbox – Always on Matte Lipstick – Rouge 

I purchased this right before Thanksgiving last year on a whim. I was hesitant because I thought that the color was wayyy to dark for me, but after wearing it a couple times it really grew on me. I love the way that it complements my skin tone and also the matte finish isn’t as mattey (if that’s even a word) as some others I’ve worn.

2. Smashbox – Be Legendary – Screen Queen

This is my mother’s signature color and I hated this color growing up – but during a sidewalk sale a Pout I found this color and instantly fell I love with it. It’s deep burgundy wine color that is perfect for any skin tone. It last forever, even through a few drinks.

3. ColourPop – Ultra Matte Lip – Take a Pixie

I love the fact that this can be worn no matter the season. This shade is yet another color that compliments my skin tone to a tee. The quality is very good, dries quickly and is very light on the lips. If you are experimenting with lipsticks, then I highly recommend trying Colour pop – only $6.00.

4. NARS – Satin Lip Pencil – Het Loo 

This has been in my makeup bag for years. I typically wear this to work because it’s not as bold as the other color and it’s the perfect nude with a hint of pink and a shimmer.

Now that I’ve shared my favorites for fall – what are so of you guys favorites or go-to- lipsticks that you swear by?

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