About Me


Forever Shauni is a resource of inspiration and motivation for women, young and old, who goes through life’s ups and downs, that also has a love for everything from beauty, fashion all the way down to career success and living without restrictions.

Residing in the great state of South Carolina, Monday through Friday I’m a HR Professional (no I won’t get you a job, but I will give you tools to get the job), when I’m not working I enjoy spending time with family and friends, shopping, enjoying THE USC Gamecocks sporting events, a good glass of wine (with some good food) and enjoying this thing called life.

I started Forever Shauni in 2014 as a space to give women like myself a place to come to find advice about any and everything that could possibly be thrown their way. Forever Shauni is evolving just as I am – I enjoy working in HR so I want to be able to help any and everyone get in a position/career field that they love.

If you are a new follower or have been reading from the beginning, thank you so so so much for reading and supporting Forever Shauni. I can not express how thankful and blessed I am to have you as a supporter.






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