About Me


Christ follower. Oldest child.  Southern born and raised = Carolina girl [ best in the world]. Virgo. Queen of comfort. Procrastinator.  GAME….COCKS. Music lover. Candles. Traveler. TV junkie. Starbucks addicted. Morning Person. White Wine. Cry Baby. California Love. HR Lady. Family Over Everything. “Ball on a Budget”. Chick-fil-a addicted. OCD about everything. Dream in Color. Extrovert. Sweet Tea. Hard worker. Black looks good on me. SEC. Frequent user of “Hey Y’all”. Momma’s Girl. Queen of Side Eye with a hint of Resting Bitch face. Tailgating. Best Friend. Mimosas. 4th of 5 generations in my family. Hydrangeas. Sushi + Egg Rolls = favorite meal. domestic diva. Zumba. Queen of crockpot meals. Pen collector. HGTV binge watcher.

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In, 20mainstreetshoot62of6814 Forever Shauni was created because there wasn’t a large presence of bloggers that talked about topics that I was interested in. Due to reasons beyond my control I had to stop and focus my attention elsewhere, but after some much needed time management, conversations with loved ones – a fire lit within me and I’m BAAAACCCKKK and better than ever – I might add. The purpose is and always will be to share insights on victories and stumbles one day at a time. The goal is to inspire, motivate and make an impact on someone’s life.

Now that you’ve been [ re ] introduced and got the back story. Come often as you would like, leave your thoughts and suggestions. I hope you get inspired, say yassss a few times and really enjoy what I’m offering.







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