Ikea Shopping Trip

I played hookie – again – but this time it was a hookie day with a purpose. Mission – IKEA! Ikea is about an hour from Columbia in Charlotte, so it was going to be an all day event.

Because Ikea is so big I have to go in with a plan of action or at least having some idea of what I want to get. To get a plan of action, I make a list of what I need or what I’m searching for. After making the list I go on the website to see what my options are. Again, because they are so big and they have the self serve area – I add things to a shopping list so I can print it out and take it with me so I can find what I’m looking for.

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During this trip I purchased the infamous fluffy rug that every blogger or youtuber has that they use for staging – I’ve hesitate on getting it for the longest, but finally broke down and got it.

Euro pillows have been on my list of things to get for the longest, it wasn’t until I went to Charlotte’s house and saw hers and she told me they were from Ikea – so I added them on the list of things I needed to get, along with some white covers for it. I already have plenty of throw pillows around the house, so I grabbed two pink covers for them.

I found these cute cork coasters that I desperately need because I don’t have any matching coasters and I hate ring marks on tables.

On the last trip there I found these metal mixing bowls like my grandma and mom have – they’ve had them since I was a kid. I have a smaller one and it works great for when I’m cooking so I wanted to get a bigger one for when I am cooking big portions. I also found this really nice glass bowl for salads, or even sitting on the counter with fruit in it.

On the way out we saw this cute iPad stand – just something else that I’m sure I need.

I also wanted to share a few things that I purchased in the past that I love and HIGHLY recommend for any and everyone.

I was inspired by a photo I saw on one of my favorite bloggers page, so Pinterest helped me get more ideas. If you can see on the shelf the white tray is also from Ikea.

I absolutely, 100%, without a shadow of doubt love my desk ( HERE ) and the lamp was gift that is also from Ikea ( HERE ) – the chair is also from there but it’s not my favorite, because it doesn’t come up and down, but it serves its purpose.

Now these photos below are totally random and just showing off what all Ikea has to offer.

Ikea has everything that a person could ever need for their home from – customized kitchen design to mirrors to bedroom décor. The kicker is that everything is affordable and can work with whatever budget you have.  If you never been then you definitely need to go and experience it.






Home | Spring Cleaning


Spring is here which means it is time to get the duster out, declutter the house and buy all the hydrangeas.

When I say declutter, I don’t mean move it from one location to another – it’s when you actually go through it and decide if it is essential, if it can be donated or sold. I have a hard time with this especially with clothes because I’ll say to myself “oh I can wear that later – if i loose weight” but not this go round.

I consider myself a clean person (I use to have a routine of cleaning on Thursdays after work before Grey’s came on) anyway, but when spring time rolls around I want to have everything fresh and clean.  These are a few things that I do around the house to get ready for spring and these are also some of my cleaning habits that I have.

All Over:

  • Clean and wipe down baseboards
  • Wipe down blinds
  • Wipe down and dust lighting and ceiling fans
  • Throw out junk mail and stacks of unneeded papers
  • Vacuum furniture


  • Deep clean microwave, oven and dishwasher
  • Deep clean inside of the fridge and throw away unused / old items
  • Clean out and organize pantry (cabinets)


  • Rotate / flip mattresses
  • Wash all bedding and duvets
    • Typically change out bedding colors for the spring/summer months
  • Go through closet and create donate / throw away piles of unused clothing
    • Organize what I’m keeping by color
  • Dust everything


  • Clean out makeup and medicine cabinets (throw away responsibly)
    • Deep clean brushes and wipe out containers
  • Wash all bathmats or get new ones
  • Deep clean shower and tub
  • Clean out drains and faucets
    • Baking soda, vinegar and hot water — best thing ever to clean drains
  • Deep clean grout

I’m not super woman so all of the cleaning won’t happen all in one day it typically happens over the span of two days – because I do get side tracked easily (gift and a curse).

Once I’ve cleaned everything I like to light candles or put in new plug ins and fresh flowers (hydrangeas)  to brighten the place up.



Home Decor Inspiration | Khole + Kourtney Kardashian Home Photos

Home Decor has always been something I’ve been interested in, from the time I worked in upscale home decor store in San Diego. I was interested and inspired that I would  go to open house showings on Sundays just to see how others decorate their home. Following a few house of driving around to open houses I would come back home to clean, rearrange furniture, online shop for new stuff. The passion for home decor hasn’t left — just check my pinterest page. My current thing is Country chic with modern twist. To get the full details you’ll have to check out my pinterest page.

So when  I saw my timeline flooded with photos from Kourtney & Khole’s home in the Architectural Digest, I was over the moon. So here are few of my favorite photo’s that have inspired me for our current place and even idea for a place we’ll purchase in the future. If I had their budget I’d probably have the exact same bathroom they have, but since I don’t I can dream and “ball” on a budget.


Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 7.41.47 PM

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