My Christmas Wish List

Most this stuff I’ve had my eye on a while now and just haven’t had to chance to purchase it for myself. As you can see I’m a very simple person in what I want. I love everything about December and the holiday season, especially the reason for the season. Plus I love the excitement of opening presents  on Christmas morning with my family and cousins and also seeing their faces. Hope my list give you some inspiration for something someone else may want or something that you may even want. 

New Year…..New Chapter

I have been wanting to do a blog for a while and I have been low-key stalking (no judging) blogs that discuss things that I love….makeup, fashion, jewelry, healthy lifestyles, and everything else women love. I’m self proclaimed baller on a budget. I don’t always buy the latest and most expensive stuff, but I make it look good. I have a lot on my plate with school, work and family but I’m hoping to be able to update pretty regular about various things that I find interesting. I figured that since it’s a new year, why not start the new year off doing something that I have on my vision board.
I hope that you stick around as I figure my way around doing the blog and also read and provide feedback on various things that are posted.