Phone Snap Roundup


Heading out of town for the weekend so I made sure that my Greens were with me!

It’s rare that my best friend and I get together without her kids – so when we get the chance we definitely enjoy ourselves with some good food, good drinks and great laughs.


Recently saw where ColaTownFoodie posted about Hampton place deli and I had to go get a Crabwich with ranch feta for lunch. I miss the good ol days of working downtown and being able to walk there for lunch.

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My Day | Played Hookie

Working a 9-5, being a full time student, blogger, spending time with family and friends can wear anyone out. So I decided that I needed a break to just do whatever I wanted to. I read somewhere that playing hookie was good for the soul. If you are going to play hookie make sure you are doing exactly what Y O U  want to do and how you want do it. This was my train of thought the day I decided I needed to play hookie.

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You Are a Badass | Book Review

GOVMansion(91of103)I am ashamed to say this, but I started this book in January when I was traveling to Miami. Once I got to Miami it was a done deal trying to read anything. I tried my best to pick up the book every night to read it but, it was a struggle. But I finally made it.

I will say this book is really good – certainly a page turned – some things I already knew or have heard before, but hearing it again made me think about things a little deeper.

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Phone Snap Roundup 

Saturday mornings in Columbia are made for Soda City. A couple weeks ago Ashley, Jace and I headed down to grab something to eat and check out some crafts. I was craving Nachos so we had to split them because I didn’t want to be a pig and eat them all.

These are two of my go to drinks as of lately. Not so much the Dole Shake, but the Premier Protein is my favorite. I’ve been making an Espresso and this shake over ice instead of going to Starbucks when I’m craving an iced coffee. I highly recommend the Protein shakes.


My brother came into town a couple weeks ago and for some reason we always end up at a Mexican restaurant. Publico is one of my favorite’s here in Columbia. You have to try their Mexican Street Corn – it’s sooooo good! And who goes to eat Mexican and not get a Margarita???


If you follow me on Instagram (I suggest you do if you aren’t already) then you would have seen this photo. As you know a goal is to grow within my faith and this daily devotional has been an huge help – this was sent to my mom from Daily Bread, because we read them and donate to them.



I just thought this was the cutest picture of Jace and Tyson – after the pool, Jace needed a nap and Tyson just wanted to the iPad. Love spending time with these two – just missing my Jaiden and the day would have been complete.



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Oh Happy Day!


For the past couple months I’ve heard more people tell me that I look happy. I always thought that I was somewhat of a happy person, but I have made adjustments in my life. If you are human then you know there are going to be times when you don’t want to smile or even be happy, when you want to curl up in a ball and cry our eyes out – but sometimes most of the time you can’t – put your big girl panties on and keep it moving.

The first adjustment I made was to be GRATEFUL for everything I had, what I was going through and what was to come. Studies have shown that being grateful helps you live a long happier life, but my faith plays an even bigger part in being grateful. I serve a might powerful and awesome God that provides all my needs and desires – according to his timeline – not mine. And he also gives me clarity on all situations so I know he’s handling them and I shouldn’t worry about them.


“In their heart humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” – Proverbs 16:9 


With being grateful I also had to SACRIFICE somethings to get what I ultimately wanted accomplished. There have been several sleepless nights and days I went on thinking about what I wanted to do or could be doing. But I knew that doing what I needed to do in that moment would be beneficial in the long run.

There were stressful days, lord knows I’ve had stressful days. To deal with the stress I had to BREATHE. I know it’s something we do, but I mean really stop and take deep breaths with my eyes closed and a relax  face to soothe and calm myself. I would do this several times, until I feel myself calming down.

I think the most important and my favorite thing to do is LAUGHSometimes laughing at myself (most of the time) or at silly videos of my nieces and nephews or people I don’t even know. Laughing and smiling signals our brains that happiness is happening. You can’t go through  life always being so serious you have to laugh at something.

I feel like I am getting to a place of balance and harmony between school, work, family and blog life. You don’t have to be going through anything to make adjustment to your life, you can just do it to be doing it. These have been the few things that have helped me over the last few months and I hope they can help you as well.