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#OOTD – Ruffled Cold & Comfortable

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Summer is almost over and I can’t deny that I’m over the South Carolina heat and humidity – as you can see from the photo’s my hair is over it too. I found this cute top at The Loft and I felt it was perfect for last couple days of summer going into Fall – you have your “cold” shoulder but then you have your long sleeve – the “comfortable” side.

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Lady in Red | Tre Chic

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For some reasons pinks, reds and dark wines have been some of my favorite colors as I’ve gotten older “Fine like wine” is the thought that comes to mine when I talk about these colors.

If you know me then you know that I can be very indecisive when it comes down to clothing. I went back and forth on this dress. I wanted something that was young and playful, but also mature with a little sassy-ness to it + it had to be comfortable.

This dress fit all the criteria – I found it on Forever21 and decided to pair it with some Sam+Libby shoes that I got from Target a few years ago that have been decoration in my room because lace up shoes and I don’t really mix but the day I took these pictures they worked perfect. I’m not a big jewlery person so I just kept it simple with my watch and two bracelets I picked up at Fabrik.


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Shoe Obsession | Spring & Summer Favorites


Next to diamonds shoes are a girls best friend (Men take note). Having a shoe obsession is a part of my DNA. My momma has closestssss full of shoes, Grandmas has a room full and my Aunt has a HOUSE full – so when it comes to shoes they totally understand me.

I have a couple of favorites that I wear throughout the spring and summer months that are pretty versatile, pocket friendly and as you already know…. comfortable.

Tory Burch Miller Sandal’s

These are by far my favorite “flops” for the summer. They are classy and comfortable (duh!) They were a birthday present! I think that the logo allows for them to be comfortable, but if you are going to be in the sun be prepared to have the logo tan mark on your foot (yes even black people tan). I highly suggest going in and trying them on before you purchase them. I felt that my regular size was too small, my heel was hanging off but the sales lady did inform me that over time the shoe will stretch as you wear them and they have a small amount. (I did go up a 1/2 size)

Steve Madden Ankle Strap Sandals

There are so many different designers that sells this style of shoes (shown in the feature picture) so you won’t loose all your coins on them. So far the ones that I have are very comfortable and you can do some long distant walking,  or even dancing in them. I think the chunky heel is what initially attracted me to them.


Okay I know this title is real general but I have a few pair of wedges that are constant rotation and have came from various stores. During the Spring and Summer months I love a good wedge to wear out on a date night or even to work. You can’t go wrong with them, trust me!

There are many shoes that are new to the “collection” that I haven’t worn that much to give a good review or even promote – BUT  stay tuned because I’ll be doing plenty more #OOTD and I’ll try to give a review there.


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Wedding Season – Guest Dress Options


Wedding season is here and it came fast and furious. If you are like me and have friends and family that are at that point in life where they are taking the next step then you will be invited to numerous bridal showers, engagement dinners, etc. I always have an issue with figuring out what to wear to them – I’ll end up texting or calling a couple people just to get an idea of what they are wearing.

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Spring Wishlist | Prt. 2

March 20th is the official first day Spring – but if you’ve looked at the cars around South Carolina you will think that it’s here already. I know I’ve already talked about some of the things that I want to get for the Spring/Summer months. But I’ve been eyeing more stuff – come on I’m a girl who loves to shop. I found a couple more things to add to my spring wish list.

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Spring Wishlist

Although it has been pretty warm here in South Carolina – you know our cray cray weather. I’ve been thinking about what are going to be a couple of staple items that I have in my “collection” for this Spring.


1. Steve Madden Claara Block Heel Sandal       2. Quay Australia x Desi Perkins ‘High key’ Aviator Sunglasses    3. Louis Vuitton Capucines Wallet     4. Lovely Blush Maxi Dress     5. Old Navy Swing Dress     6. Loft White Crop Jeans       7. Tory Burch Fleming Tote    8. Kate Spade Hybrid Smart Watch Box Set


Pastel colors and floral prints always make a great option for the spring months. I would say my top favorite that I already have are the White crop jeans from the Loft. I love their jeans they are so comfortable and affordable.

Happy Shopping!!