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Summer Must Have | Neutrogena Masks

img_2089If you have been following my Instagram and blog post you will know that I’m all about some #selflove these days. The best way to show yourself love is to take care of yourself. Self love is more than affirmations, it is making sure that you take care of your body, so that you can flourish and live a healthy life. I was elated when I was selected to work with #Neutrogena to bring you this post as to how there Hydrogel Mask can help hydrate your skin during these scorching hot summer months

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Phone Snap Roundup


Heading out of town for the weekend so I made sure that my Greens were with me!

It’s rare that my best friend and I get together without her kids – so when we get the chance we definitely enjoy ourselves with some good food, good drinks and great laughs.


Recently saw where ColaTownFoodie posted about Hampton place deli and I had to go get a Crabwich with ranch feta for lunch. I miss the good ol days of working downtown and being able to walk there for lunch.

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My Day | Played Hookie

Working a 9-5, being a full time student, blogger, spending time with family and friends can wear anyone out. So I decided that I needed a break to just do whatever I wanted to. I read somewhere that playing hookie was good for the soul. If you are going to play hookie make sure you are doing exactly what Y O U  want to do and how you want do it. This was my train of thought the day I decided I needed to play hookie.

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Phone Snap Roundup 

Saturday mornings in Columbia are made for Soda City. A couple weeks ago Ashley, Jace and I headed down to grab something to eat and check out some crafts. I was craving Nachos so we had to split them because I didn’t want to be a pig and eat them all.

These are two of my go to drinks as of lately. Not so much the Dole Shake, but the Premier Protein is my favorite. I’ve been making an Espresso and this shake over ice instead of going to Starbucks when I’m craving an iced coffee. I highly recommend the Protein shakes.


My brother came into town a couple weeks ago and for some reason we always end up at a Mexican restaurant. Publico is one of my favorite’s here in Columbia. You have to try their Mexican Street Corn – it’s sooooo good! And who goes to eat Mexican and not get a Margarita???


If you follow me on Instagram (I suggest you do if you aren’t already) then you would have seen this photo. As you know a goal is to grow within my faith and this daily devotional has been an huge help – this was sent to my mom from Daily Bread, because we read them and donate to them.


I just thought this was the cutest picture of Jace and Tyson – after the pool, Jace needed a nap and Tyson just wanted to the iPad. Love spending time with these two – just missing my Jaiden and the day would have been complete.


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