The Road Map for Your Job Search

Shot-47-redoSo you’ve created this awesome resume and this descriptive cover letter and you are ready to start your job search. The job search can be just as stressful, and time consuming as determining if you are ready for a new position/job, you are expected to have so many emotions during this process. You have to take into consideration your skills, values, interests, salary requirements, benefits, location, advancement, responsibilities and corporate culture – a lot but all important things to consider.

Continue reading to find out some tips on where to start your job search at.

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Covering the Cover Letter


I would have to say that the hardest part and the most time consuming thing of applying for positions would be the cover letter. You have to communicate your interest in the role, highlight past experience in well crafted one page document.  Scared yet? Then the next frightening thought is that you have to customize this for each position that you apply to. Yes it is very wise to customize it, but all the details on that will come later.

Cover Letters are set up like an essay – introduction, first body paragraph, second body paragraph and conclusion.  Continue reading to find out the essentials for each section.

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Resume Updating 101

e086d716da110dd738069ca5cb8c754dSo you’ve decided that you are ready to change positions/careers/companies.  I’m sure you’ve taken the time to weigh your options by making a list of what you like about your current position and what you don’t – find out about doing this HERE.

Your resume is one thing that this potential company has to judge you on so you want to make sure you leave an impression on them.  Click below to see what are three major areas that you should focus on.

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Is this the Right Position for me?


If you are waking up every morning contemplating whether or not you want to call in sick or not – it might be time for a new position or even a career change. This can be a scary thought to have because you do not know where to even start at.

Continue reading to see my tips for making starting the process of getting a new position or changing your career field as non-stressful as possible.

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Questions to Ask During Your Interview


Interviews can be very difficult for everyone. You are excited for making it to the interview stage and then again you are nervous because you want to make a good impression.

I haven’t done an interview in a couple months year, but I’m always looking at HR topics (because I’m in HR…duh) to getting a better understanding of what people are asking during the interview stage. As of right now I’m not working directly with recruiting – but it doesn’t hurt to keep your mind fresh and ready to go for that big opportunity.

The interview process is really about the company getting to know you, but you also want to make sure that the company will be a good fit for you. You do not want to start working for a company and they don’t match to your expectation, especially since you are going to dedicate to the company for the next few years.

Prior to doing any interview weather it is part-time, internship or full-time you want to make sure you research the company. It is important to come into the interview knowing something about the company.

These are a few interview questions that you write down and ask at the end of your interview. Whatever you do at your next interview don’t let these questions/topics go unanswered.

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