Time Management with Plum Paper

I’ve been running around like a lost puppy with a planner for the last couple of weeks. I do use my work calendar and even my iCal but it is not the same as writing things down. For me it almost makes it stand out more in my mind. So when my planner recently ended it was a no brainier that I needed a new one – not just any old planner but one that helped manage everything from my 9-5 to my blog and everything else that comes up.

I’ve heard and read several people talk about Erin Condren planners and how great they are – I wasn’t impressed. I did some research and found Plum Paper.

These are some things that my Plum Paper planner has helped me achieve and also some great tips on time management.

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Phone Snap Roundup


Heading out of town for the weekend so I made sure that my Greens were with me!

It’s rare that my best friend and I get together without her kids – so when we get the chance we definitely enjoy ourselves with some good food, good drinks and great laughs.


Recently saw where ColaTownFoodie posted about Hampton place deli and I had to go get a Crabwich with ranch feta for lunch. I miss the good ol days of working downtown and being able to walk there for lunch.

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Hustling + Growing : Branding 101

During my 1st quarter review of my blog I discussed how I’ve heard a lot about how branding for your blog/business is so important. The issue that I struggled with was turning it (the blog) into a “flourishing” (profitable) side hustle and keeping it strictly fun and helping like minded women – staying true to who I am.

Long story short – I can do it all and it can be done effortless. I came to this conclusion after spending a Saturday sitting in the middle of my bed with no tv on – just music (SZA’s Ctrl Album to be specific) and candles burning, working on my Brand Beginnings 101 Werkbook, that the talented marketing genius Courtney Brand, created.


If you follow me on IG then you saw my post on how I stumbled across The B Werd, early last year after it was launched and this was a major motivator in me revamping and relaunching my blog.  After I completed this werkbook, I was more than motivated to continue to take ForeverShauni to the next level, plus it also gave me the inspiration and courage to start the process on my next Side Hustle (you can never have to many streams of income).

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Ikea Shopping Trip

I played hookie – again – but this time it was a hookie day with a purpose. Mission – IKEA! Ikea is about an hour from Columbia in Charlotte, so it was going to be an all day event.

Because Ikea is so big I have to go in with a plan of action or at least having some idea of what I want to get. To get a plan of action, I make a list of what I need or what I’m searching for. After making the list I go on the website to see what my options are. Again, because they are so big and they have the self serve area – I add things to a shopping list so I can print it out and take it with me so I can find what I’m looking for.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

During this trip I purchased the infamous fluffy rug that every blogger or youtuber has that they use for staging – I’ve hesitate on getting it for the longest, but finally broke down and got it.

Euro pillows have been on my list of things to get for the longest, it wasn’t until I went to Charlotte’s house and saw hers and she told me they were from Ikea – so I added them on the list of things I needed to get, along with some white covers for it. I already have plenty of throw pillows around the house, so I grabbed two pink covers for them.

I found these cute cork coasters that I desperately need because I don’t have any matching coasters and I hate ring marks on tables.

On the last trip there I found these metal mixing bowls like my grandma and mom have – they’ve had them since I was a kid. I have a smaller one and it works great for when I’m cooking so I wanted to get a bigger one for when I am cooking big portions. I also found this really nice glass bowl for salads, or even sitting on the counter with fruit in it.

On the way out we saw this cute iPad stand – just something else that I’m sure I need.

I also wanted to share a few things that I purchased in the past that I love and HIGHLY recommend for any and everyone.

I was inspired by a photo I saw on one of my favorite bloggers page, so Pinterest helped me get more ideas. If you can see on the shelf the white tray is also from Ikea.

I absolutely, 100%, without a shadow of doubt love my desk ( HERE ) and the lamp was gift that is also from Ikea ( HERE ) – the chair is also from there but it’s not my favorite, because it doesn’t come up and down, but it serves its purpose.

Now these photos below are totally random and just showing off what all Ikea has to offer.

Ikea has everything that a person could ever need for their home from – customized kitchen design to mirrors to bedroom décor. The kicker is that everything is affordable and can work with whatever budget you have.  If you never been then you definitely need to go and experience it.






Perfect Match – How to Find the Perfect Lipstick?

What completes your face when you are doing makeup? A gorgeous lip brings it all together – at least for me it does.

It was just three years ago that I really started getting into lipsticks. I was always the lip gloss girl. I think the first time I wore lipstick was Mac’s Ruby Woo – I thought to myself hmm this doesn’t look so bad. So now I love a good red lip on me. Since the nude trend started a few years ago, I was on a major hunt for a nude that was perfect for me.

If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram then you know that sometimes, I’ll post “lip service” snaps – highlighting my lipsticks for the night.

There are thousands of nude lipsticks for your complexion, trust me I know how difficult it can be to find the right color, so with that being said – I’ve listed a few tips and also showing of my favorites.

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My Day | Played Hookie

Working a 9-5, being a full time student, blogger, spending time with family and friends can wear anyone out. So I decided that I needed a break to just do whatever I wanted to. I read somewhere that playing hookie was good for the soul. If you are going to play hookie make sure you are doing exactly what Y O U  want to do and how you want do it. This was my train of thought the day I decided I needed to play hookie.

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