Covering the Cover Letter


I would have to say that the hardest part and the most time consuming thing of applying for positions would be the cover letter. You have to communicate your interest in the role, highlight past experience in well crafted one page document.  Scared yet? Then the next frightening thought is that you have to customize this for each position that you apply to. Yes it is very wise to customize it, but all the details on that will come later.

Cover Letters are set up like an essay – introduction, first body paragraph, second body paragraph and conclusion.  Continue reading to find out the essentials for each section.

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Single on Valentines Day? It’s OK!


Valentines Day is almost here!Who’s excited? Who’s not? I’ve got mixed feelings about it, but I’m all about having an excuse to celebrate.

If you’re not a big fan of V-Day, I outlined are some adjustments that I made so I would have happier days – no matter my status – so be sure to check that out. It is important to have self-love and pampering yourself – all year not just on Valentine’s Day.

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Slay · Tre Chic

Sassy Black Dress x2 | Tre’ Chic

Today, I’m highlighting this midi dress that I found a couple months ago at Forever21. With South Carolina weather being all over the place, I want to show you a few different ways you can wear this midi black dress or any black dress.  You can never go wrong with a midi black dress or black dress period.

This the most versatile, inexpensive (under $25.00), comfortable, a classic dress I have in my closet.  Plus, it’s my favorite color…black!

ShawandaVista (45 of 217)ShawandaVista (32 of 217)

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Resume Updating 101

e086d716da110dd738069ca5cb8c754dSo you’ve decided that you are ready to change positions/careers/companies.  I’m sure you’ve taken the time to weigh your options by making a list of what you like about your current position and what you don’t – find out about doing this HERE.

Your resume is one thing that this potential company has to judge you on so you want to make sure you leave an impression on them.  Click below to see what are three major areas that you should focus on.

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Tips & Advice

Why Alone Time is a Good Idea

We all lead crazy busy lives and it can be hard to get the necessary downtime that we desperately need.  We all just need to be to ourselves – no distractions, just you relaxing with a glass of wine and your favorite shows. Studies have shown that alone time, can increase productivity. Trust me, after a weekend to myself – Monday morning I wake up refreshed and ready to take on Monday. We all have moments where we need to have alone time. Here are a few reasons why alone time is a good idea.

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