2019 Goals

Welcome 2 0 1 9!

Time does  not stand still for anyone – trust me  I know! I’m excited to see what 2019 has in store for me. Mid ways through 2018 I started living and enjoying it. I was laughing and smiling more, it was almost like I exhaled everything that was holding me down (negative energy).  While enjoying life, I felt some of the goals that I wanted to achieved fell off. I was pretty disappointed, but not to much because I think I needed the moments that were happening.

I break my goals down into three specific areas – mentally, spiritually and Physically – the areas that I feel that covers everything. 

 I don’t want to be one of those people that wakes up one day and completely regrets not being the person I want to be or at least not try to be the best version of myself.  So here is what I want to concentrate on this year, in these particular areas. 

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 I’ll be the first to admit, I get side tracked easily – so I have to be discipline in everything that I do. When I say everything I mean everything! I want to continue on the positive path that I have been on – that includes saying no, when it doesn’t feel right, casting negative people and situations out of my life. Self care is very impactful on your mental health – so taking more time to get massages, go to yoga classes – do whatever make me feel good. 


 I have some much needed vacations coming up throughout the year so I want to be able to live my best life on vacation and also prep for the future. I do know that I want to start working with a financial advisor,  while I already have a lot of financial plans in  place, it will be helpful to have someone looking over everything and guide me in the right direction so I can eventually retire.  I want to be  excited and optimistic for the future, financially.


Continuing to grow in my faith is a constant. Waking up in a positive head space starts for me by doing my morning devotionals and praying before I even start my day. I will admit I have fallen off a time or two – so again discipline in this will continue.


I have tried a few workouts, but again have not been consistent.  Essentially I want to find a workout that I can do anywhere and it is less than 30 minutes at least 3-4 times a week. I want to create an eating plan that I can stick to, without giving up my favorite things. 

So what are some of the goals that you guys want to achieve in 2019. 

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Makings of A Successful Day



Waking up we all (at least we should) have the goal of having a great for the day – successfully accomplishing everything on our To-Do list. I’m a weird bird – the more things that I check off my To-Do list the more accomplished I feel. No two days are alike, but these are some things I’m trying out to make my days for successful.

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New Year, New Goals | Growing Mentally

“Today’s a good day, to have a good day.”

One of my goals is to be transparent about the things that are going on in my life and what I want to achieve in life.

One of my goals for 2017 and one that I have had every year for the past few years is to Grow Mentally. Some may be wondering what I mean when I say grow mentally.  I want to expand the way I think about situations and have a more positive outlook on life. I have to admit I am a complete worrier. I worry about everything that is happening to me and anything that possibly could happen to me. It has gotten worse over the past two years.

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Welcome Back | New Year, New Goals


It’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to write a blog post. Starting a new position, with a new company can be very overwhelming because you want to make a good impression and also to prove to this new company that they made the right decision by going with you. Two months after starting the new job, my last year of school starts. It’s an amazing feeling but also very time consuming, endless papers and burning the candle at both ends. Throw in a little travel and quality time with family and friends and you have a full schedule.

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