Healthier Lifestyle: Self Love.

Living a healthier lifestyle has been a goal of mine for the last few years. By no means has it been an easy task. Of course I want to live a long energetic life…my great grandma is 97 years old, so I’m praying that the good genes that my grandma, mom and dad have is within me – but I do know that I have to put in the required work. There are several different aspects of living a healthier lifestyle. Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to break down the different areas I’m focusing on.

Continue the reading the first area that is required in this healthier lifestyle journey.

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Single on Valentines Day? It’s OK!


Valentines Day is almost here!Who’s excited? Who’s not? I’ve got mixed feelings about it, but I’m all about having an excuse to celebrate.

If you’re not a big fan of V-Day, I outlined are some adjustments that I made so I would have happier days – no matter my status – so be sure to check that out. It is important to have self-love and pampering yourself – all year not just on Valentine’s Day.

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