Resume Updating 101

e086d716da110dd738069ca5cb8c754dSo you’ve decided that you are ready to change positions/careers/companies.  I’m sure you’ve taken the time to weigh your options by making a list of what you like about your current position and what you don’t – find out about doing this HERE.

Your resume is one thing that this potential company has to judge you on so you want to make sure you leave an impression on them.  Click below to see what are three major areas that you should focus on.

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Is this the Right Position for me?


If you are waking up every morning contemplating whether or not you want to call in sick or not – it might be time for a new position or even a career change. This can be a scary thought to have because you do not know where to even start at.

Continue reading to see my tips for making starting the process of getting a new position or changing your career field as non-stressful as possible.

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